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NLP Practitioner Training - Whangarei

Do you want your days to be filled with more of the good stuff of life and less of the hassles? Then come along to the only NLP Practitioner Certification training in Northland!

You'll get the knowledge and skills for enjoying life to the full by taking charge of how and what you think, feel and do.

  • Clear feeling stressed, depressed, anxious...and find your joy
  • Resourcefully handle anger, criticism and conflict
  • Improve communication with your partner, kids, workmates, boss, friends, parents, siblings...
  • Clear clutter from your life and your mind, change unwanted habits and get motivated
  • Effectively set and get goals, problem-solve and make decisions
  • Become more confident, assertive and creative
  • Develop resilience, boost your energy and learn the art of happiness

NLP training is ideal for:

  • Personal development
  • Professional development
  • Leadership excellence
  • Therapists, Life Coaches and Counsellors
  • All other health professionals

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The course is held over 9 weekends, spaced out to every third weekend for optimal learning intregration.

4th & 5th April 2020: Your exciting adventure begins!

Every third weekend: The fun and learning continues...

12th & 13th of September 2020: We bring it all together and CELEBRATE your success!

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2020 Dates at a Glance

April 4 & 5 and 25 & 26

May 16 & 17

June  6 & 7 and 27 & 28

July 18 & 19

August 8 & 9 and 29 & 30

September 12 & 13


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Whau Valley, Whangarei. The venue is private and peaceful, light and airy, and surrounded by gardens, bush, and birdsong.


Early Bird Discount
to 4 March 2020

After 4 March 2020 Payment Plans Deposit
$360 to secure your place
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  • 130+ hours of NLP training
  • Comprehensive manual
  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • Copy of the NLP book Think Feel Do, by the trainer and colleague Sylvia Guest
  • Full catering (vegan)
  • FREE 1 hour consultation prior to registration

Participant numbers are limited to allow for a high quality of personal attention and positive results.

NLP Training Standards

Your Certified NLP Trainer, Evelyn Manley, has 30+ years’ experience training and working with individuals, couples and groups, using NLP as her preferred modality. Because of its elegance, effectiveness and how it offers clear maps and structure for understanding how to get the best from ourselves and our lives, Evelyn is passionate about passing on the value and know-how of NLP.

The training more than meets the standards set by national and international NLP associations.

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Contact Evelyn now to register or discuss what this training can do for you.

Testimonial for NLP Practitioner Training

"I was fortunate to do my NLP Practitioner Training with Evelyn Manley. In the intervening years I have been on trainings presented by many other NLP trainers (including Master Practitioner Certification), none of whom exhibited the congruency and depth of NLP knowledge I experienced with Evelyn.

It’s best to learn any life skill from someone who not only has deep knowledge and understanding of their subject, but also lives and breathes the principles and application of the modality - this is especially true of NLP. Teaching with integrity, passion and compassion, Evelyn is the ideal model for NLP and encourages questioning, discussion and creativity. Endlessly flexible, she makes the participants’ success on the course her mission, with everyone having fun along the way."

Sylvia Guest, Northland NZ

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