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NLP Explained

NLP is about how your mind affects the rest of you

NLP gives us a model for understanding human behaviour; the way we think and how and what we feel. Examining the link between these three elements and offering ways to transform our experience, NLP is structural psychology.


Neuro - stands for the fact that our behaviour involves our neurology, meaning how brains work and taking into account brain plasticity, which is why changes can happen fast.

Linguistic – refers to the language we use inside our heads and externally to communicate. NLP shows us how to use our languaging to our best advantage.

Programming – stands for the ways we are programmed by the world and people around us – and how we can learn to consciously  ‘re‑program’ ourselves.


Working at the neurological level

Because NLP works at the neurological level, making a change is the easiest with these processes. It's the most comfortable it can be. It finds the shortest possible route from where you are to where you want to be.


Our thinking has many elements, all of which affect our lives.
Find out how to influence those elements to gain more choice.


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How, not what...

Often people choose not to seek assistance because it can be distressing to talk about their experience, in effect re-living the past. Because NLP focuses on how we experience (the process) not what (the content), all your practitioner needs to know is what you would like to be different.

To use a clear example, you can change a phobia or phobic response, working with an NLP Practitioner, without revealing what you are phobic about. What could be easier than that?

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