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golden key
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NLP Coaching | Professional Supervision | Light Therapy

NLP Coaching

change may not be as scary as you think

What happens inside your head (called thinking) affects how you feel and therefore what you do.

Coaching gives you the know-how for managing your thinking - giving you better living and more peace of mind.

Find out how coaching can work for you


good practice, skills, process, knowledge, values and ethics

Professional Supervision develops, enriches and supports you in interacting with people in your professional/work role.

Ask about the benefits of long term contracts for monthly supervision with between-session support.

Learn more about supervision


Light and Colour Therapy

Bioptron Hyperlight Medall device and colour lenses

Bioptron Hyperlight and Colour Therapy is a totally natural healing treatment with no contra-indications and no known side-effects.

Discover how light therapy can improve your health and wellbeing.

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